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Our Specialists

Dr. Vasil Yordanov - Orthodontist

Has extensive experience in the field of orthodontist. His professionalism and care provide patients with a personalized and effective approach to the treatment of urological conditions.

Dr. Anelia Petrova - Surgery

Specializing in surgery, Dr. Petrova combines talent and attention to detail. She performs a wide range of surgical procedures with a high degree of professionalism and patient care.

Dr. Stefan Stefanov - Therapy

With experience in the field of therapy, Dr. Stefanov provides competent treatment for various diseases. His friendly and warm approach creates an environment of trust among his patients.

Our Treatment Methods

At Affinity Denture Clinic, we use cutting-edge treatment and prosthetic techniques to provide our patients with optimal results and comfort. Below is a brief overview of our key methods

Digital Impression

We use modern digital technologies for more accurate and comfortable prints, reducing waiting time and increasing the accuracy of prosthetic manufacturing.

Orthodontic Interventions

We provide orthodontic treatment services to correct bites and straighten teeth using modern braces and wireless systems.

Prosthetics on Implants

We create dentures installed on implants to restore lost teeth with maximum reliability and stability.

Treatment of Painless Teeth

We use painless dental treatment methods, providing patients with comfort and confidence during procedures.

Reviews from our Patients

These reviews reflect the varied experiences patients have at Affinity Denture Clinic. We thank everyone for their trust and are ready to share the joy of a healthy smile with each of you!

"Thank you to Dr. Stefanov for the surgical treatment. The attitude towards patients is at the highest level."
- Petar Atanasov
"My family is fully served in this clinic. The doctors are true professionals, the service is at the highest level."
- Stefan Hristov
"I underwent an implantation procedure with Dr. Stefanov. Excellent result, comfort and professionalism at the highest."
- Georgi Yordanov


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